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Author: Dub Operator

  Dennis Brown – Should I Should I have faith in you? Should I put my trust in you? And should you let me down? Should I flirt around Why should I think this way? Thinking that you’re going away There ain’t no way, we’ll stay Together anymore Am I to go on now? Living […]

  Hugh MundellĀ – Jah Will Provide When we are hungry and have no food to eat When we are thirsty and there’s no water to drink We won’t give up from praising Jah We’ll never stop praising Jah ‘Cause Jah will provide for I and I Jah will provide for I and I When we […]

  Hugh Mundell – Arise And Shine Arise and I shine And I give Jah the glory Arise and I shine And I wanna tell Jah story Said I open my window Let the sun shine in And now I give thanks and praises It’s a new morning Jah, beg you guide I Jah, beg […]

  Gregory Isaacs – Night Nurse Tell her try your best, just to make it quick Whom attend to the sick Cause there must be something she can do This heart is broken in two Tell her it’s a case of emergency There’s a patient by the name of Gregory Night nurse Only you alone […]

  Barrington Levy – Englishman Every way, rebel in this world I have neighbour, I have I-dren I have brethren and even have sistren English man a me I-dren Canadian man a me brethren American man dem a me I-dren An’ the daughter a me sistren Jamaican man a me neighbour An’ the daughter a […]

  Barrington Levy – Hypocrites I can see so many hypocritism Everyone are talking this and talking that Watching how I cook my pot Jah Jah They always say I’m doing the right thing And behind me they try to su-su-su-sue unna me I want to show them that I’m the rasta man To make […]