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Bob Andy

Written by on 06/01/2023


Anderson was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in October 1944, where his mother worked at Up-Park Camp.

At the age of seven he moved to live with his grandmother in Westmoreland. After his grandmother died, his mother gave him away, and he was subject to beatings at the hands of his adoptive parents.

After several years he returned to Kingston to help look after one of his siblings, but to escape beatings from his mother, he tried to get a place at Maxfield Park children’s home by telling them that his mother had died.

They both ended up in court, where he was made a ward of the state and returned to Maxfield Park.

At the home, he taught himself to play piano, and began singing in the Kingston Parish Church choir. In the local scout troop he met Tyrone Evans, with whom he formed the Binders.

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