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Flox – In The Shade (Lyrics & Video)

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Flox – In The Shade



From me to you, it’s been time since you seem alight.
To see through you, every single time you show a fight.
Talking through rust, how you meant to trust, don’t see any sign of a boss.
Life is just a gust, point to the dust, discussed (now),
If you can’t live in the shade, all you got to do is say, stuff about;
What’s up with your brother, do you think that life is proper,
Boast about your suffer and joy.


If you can’t live in the shade, all you got to do is pray, stuff about;
Praying to the sinner, conscience is the father, elevate your inner winner.
From me to you, it’s about time to see the lesson.
I see through you, luckily for me I was taught to listen.
I’ll lend you my bike, stage ride like, you decide when the time is right.
Grab on to the mike, say what you like…


What’s up with your brother? Do you think that life is proper?
Boast about your suffer, praying for the weather,
Save a caterpillar, enemies for dinner,
Brake a hand spinner, kiss instead of killer,
Sprinkle on some glitter, get rid of the stinger,
Make small bigger, whatever the trigger,
Ass on the printer, bermuda in the winter,
Believe that you’re a singer, drink 8 pints of bitter,


Time is getting thinner, rime’s getting slender,
Sunshine through the door, more than asked for,
The tan feel for sure, I never get bored,
I’ll wave to you abroad, I got my shit insured,
I’m ready for the sun, I’m ready for the fun,
10 times more ready than you’ll ever be,
I’m ready for “come on” !